Luke from Shildon

This is Luke from Shildon who passed 1st time with 123 Pass Driving School. Luke said ‘First time pass thanks to Keith, couldn’t have passed without him. Pays attention to every little detail and teaches you to do everything to the best standard possible. I recommend Keith to every new driver.’ Thank you Luke & well done!

Tina from Shildon

This is Tina from Shildon Who passed with only 4 minors. Tina said ‘I definitely couldn’t have done this without Keith, cant thank you enough. Recommend to anyone. Took me a while but I got there thanks to you. Defo needed plenty of time & thats what I got. Thank you so much.’ Well done Tina, yes it took a while but you deserved it in the end for all your hard work, congratulations!

Hussain from Darlington

This is Hussain from Darlington who passed 1st time this week with 123 Pass Driving School. Hussain said ‘ I definitely had faith in Keith throughout my lessons and he helped me pass first time in about 5 weeks. He knows what he’s doing and has lots of experience’. Thanks Hussain & well done.

Ben from Newton Aycliffe

This is Ben from Newton Aycliffe. Ben passed 1st time with 123 Pass Driving School to keep our 13 month 100% pass rate continuing. Ben said ‘ Keith is a very nice and friendly man who pays a lot of attention to detail. He teaches you rather than telling you. Would recommend him every time’. Thanks Ben & congratulations.